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[Johannesburg, 08 April 2019]: In recognition of her significant contribution towards the promotion of healthy and safe work practices at Actop Asphalt, a leading producer of innovative asphalt products, Gugu Sithole has been awarded Sabita’s prestigious CEO Merit Award for Notable HSE Achievement 2018.

Actop Asphalt is proud to announce that its senior safety officer Gugu Sithole has been awarded the esteemed CEO Merit Award for Health & Safety from the South African Bituminous Association (Sabita).

The award is in line with Sabita’s belief that working safely should be everyone’s business, thus the association continues to promote and create awareness to make the bituminous industry a safe place to work in.

Sithole started her Actop career back in 2015, and CEO Francois Kemp alludes that from the first day to date, she has set a new health and safety regime at the company. “She has made a vast impact on everyone in the business. Her experience and dedication to health and safety is next to none,” says Kemp.

“Not only does she strive to maintain high standards on site, but she is willing to share her knowledge and skills with the rest of the team to ensure best outcomes for the company at large,” adds Rudi du Toit, operations manager at Actop Asphalt.

Actop Asphalt currently stands at 550 days without Lost Time Injury (LTI). “Our LTIFR and RCR stand at zero at the moment. All plants in our stable achieved over 95% in legal compliance audits,” explains Du Toit.

Du Toit says Sithole always goes the extra mile and works long hours to ensure that the company’s SHE performance is of high standard. “We have had the pleasure of working with her for the past three years and have found her to be supportive and hard working. She handles day-to-day challenges with dedication and a proactive approach. Her problem-solving abilities in the workplace inspire everyone around her,” says Du Toit.

Sithole has already dedicated her future to the safety industry, having undergone several training programmes and obtained numerous certifications in recent years. “She has a strong idea of what she wants and is dedicated to continuous learning and growing to achieve her goals,” adds Du Toit.

Actop Asphalt conforms to the OHSAS 18001 principles on all its plants. The company recently completed an external legal compliance audit with a company called Legricon and the auditor was said to be very impressed with Sithole’s performance and her achievements at Actop Asphalt in such a short period of time.